Mater Lingua, create your alter ego in a foreign language!

Any learning is a social activity, especially when it comes to learning a language, where the fact of getting in touch with others is an indispensable part of the learning process.

The foreign language acts as a first mask, a magical filter that shows us the way to our character, to this “linguistic alter ego” that we try to become when we study another language.

This process is very similar to a theatrical research work. The actor also tries to “build” the character, to give it life and depth, certainly starting from the text but inventing the whole emotional path that will serve as a support to his lines.

For the pupil and his teacher, the language becomes the new script of this show in a foreign language where the student-actor plays the leading role and the teacher plays the director role. The teacher-director can explain everything, make pages and pages of texts memorized but must first and above all feed the emotional path of the student-actor. Once emotionally involved in the history of the language, in its culture and in the collective memory of a new society, the student-actor will be able to speak, using the emotions that he himself has matured and, only then, can the curtain be raised and the limelight will light up.

Online, live and whatever your needs, at school or at home, Mater Lingua offers you the right path.

Learning languages is a permanent show!

The Character ™

Have you ever had a snack with Molière, Shakespeare or Cervantes? Taken a selfie with the Little Prince? Edith Piaf o la Regina d’Inghilterra ti hanno già chiamato? What questions would you ask Frida Kahlo or Federico Garcia Lorca? All this is now possible! The class will have a special guest at the school, directly connected from Paris, Madrid or London, for a true Impossible Conversation ™.

The Billboard™

An on demand theatrical video library with the best shows of the Mater Lingua saga. To be seen several times, entirely or in various stages, throughout the year. Accompanied by his interactive pedagogical dossier in three levels, the opportunity to get excited in front of a show in language through a tool that allows its total use. Review a scene several times, immerse yourself in the music of the language and why not, under the guidance of the professor-director, play a scene as a true protagonist.

Exclusivity for French language teachers.

The Maestro™

A Master Class reserved for teachers of the French language during which we want to share our method, make you teacher-director, the first creators of strategies to exploit the emotional intelligence of the students. An unmissable complement to classroom teaching for those who want to continue their training and an exploration of techniques to activate all the secrets of a cognitive process through emotions.

The Tour™

The path where the theatre is experienced live, in person, and where the theatrical output is part of the language learning process. An experience outside the confines of the school for direct contact with the actors, the stage and the students among them. As soon as possible again, we will be on stage!

Mater Lingua, a guarantee!




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