All our courses have been specially designed for the period we live in. At school or at home, together or individually, we will always be by your side! In case of lockdown, all the children will have an individual link for access from home to the chosen path and will be able to have fun with you with an original and unforgettable lesson.

We have to adapt to sanitary regulations and follow their evolution. Everything is ready for the actual tour. However, at Mater Lingua we fear that it is not prudent to take this responsibility and to make students, teachers, actors and technicians take risks. We prefer to offer you consistent and safe proposals. The essential lies in the message we bring to the students: whatever the situation, show continues. In another form but continue!

The convenience that technology offers us must be tested. Flawless image and sound, close-ups and interactions, security and targeted offers are the perks of this particular season. We will come out stronger and we are convinced that when these restrictions end, some of these proposals will remain in the catalog of Mater Lingua offers. Without this pandemic we would never have invented these interactive meetings that respond perfectly to the current situation but also to your needs to find a valid complement, a different support to your language teaching.

Whatever your choice, we are able to give even single access to the event. From home or in the classroom, all pupils will have a link to access the meeting.

Each participant will have the opportunity to access the same meeting at the same time. Sharing even at a distance is the key to all our paths.

It depends on the chosen path.

With the Billboard™ you can join a show in the language and receive complete pedagogical material and films of the show to enjoy the experience throughout the school year in an unlimited way.

In the Live stream™, the new unreleased show of the 2020/2021 season will be presented live on a fixed date to share the thrill of the live broadcast and attend a matinee exclusively in language with a presentation by the director, explanation of the plot live, visit to the dressing rooms and greetings from the actors, full show with live direction and interactive debate where, thanks to your cameras and microphones, you will be in contact with the entire artistic team of Mater Lingua.

Our online proposals are particularly suitable for Integrated Digital Teaching or Distance Teaching. We are able to give a link to connect to the show or meeting for each student. It will therefore be possible to assist everyone together with the module chosen, each from their own home. This also applies to students who will be absent that day for personal reasons who will be able to access the show together with their classmates who will instead be at school.

As for the connection service with which Mater Lingua will send the streaming, we rely on a structure that ensures continuity of the service (with backup solutions) comparable to a television studio that broadcasts live. As for the school connection, if it is not secure or powerful enough, you can very well use smartphone data sharing (around 1.5 Gb or 2 Gb for the entire connection) and connect it as a hotspot to the Lim, to the TV or computer available. Should there be any problems with the line being dropped, as the show will be recorded it will be sent to your school for delayed viewing.

Using Firefox as a browser, you can view the page and the entire video when you have a good connection, for example from home. Once in class, you can view the same page and video using your computer cache by activating the option in Firefox “WORK OFFLINE“. See the link to activate Firefox offline mode

It is not important that it is a single class, it is also possible to access the path by combining two or more classes that contribute to obtaining the minimum number. In the case of the Character™ we recommend a maximum number of 30 children to ensure that the interaction is truly effective and that none of them have the opportunity to interact in language with the actor.

Since this is a one-person date, we’ll find a way to connect. If it is not successful, we postpone the event at no additional cost.

On our site there are all the extracts of the pedagogical dossier that you can view for free. They are all new and made by experts in Teatrolingua™, a method developed for years by Mater Lingua where emotion is at the center of learning.

Both the teaching material and the video of the show are available for the entire duration of the school year and can be seen and used as many times as you deem necessary.

Each character is suitable for both courses of study. In fact, the actor’s preparation is such that they will interface differently depending on the level of understanding of the language of the interlocutors they will meet and the contents of the conversation themselves will be calibrated on the degree of preparation of the students.

Since 1998 we have been offering a complementary vision to language teaching. A vision based on emotion as a prerequisite for any learning. Our name derives from this vision: Mater Lingua. Our first language was taught to us by a person not trained in teaching, but with love and example, repetition and camouflage, it led us to a complete oral production. We believe in the power of “fun” to learn, that is, the fact of not presenting the language frontally but rather of creating challenging activities to emotionally involve the pupil and entertain him with the classic scheme. Ours is only a proposal that, integrated with your teaching, will make the student more independent on his journey. This training aims to give you the tools to make your courses captivating and surprising. In the end we do the same job, you too are actors and directors in front of an audience. And we will help you present your arguments in a spectacular way. A certificate of participation in the course will be sent to each professor.

The training is short: it will be structured in two appointments to be carried out in November and December according to your availability to put it into practice right away. You will have a wide choice of dates and times in the afternoon and evening to integrate module 1 or 2 with the possibility of changing your appointment at the last moment.

For now we plan to train teachers of French, Spanish and English.

As soon as possible. Given the strong interest around these new paths, so as not to lose the opportunity to choose the date that best suits you (the Character™), to have all the time to take advantage of the extensive educational material and better manage the vision of your show. choice (the Billboard™) or to ensure limited places to watch this year’s new original creation (the Direct™) we recommend that you book as soon as possible, no later than 18 December 2020. A non-binding card of interest is available to choose the route (s) most suitable for you and receive a call from your contact person.