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Take a journey to time and meet your Character online

Have you ever taken a selfie with The Little Prince or Louis XIV? Have Edith Piaf and Agatha Christie called you for a video conference yet? After studying their life, what questions would you ask Frida Kahlo, Jeanne D’Arc or Agatha Christie? Who wouldn’t want to have the once in a lifetime chance to meet Molière, Shakespeare or Cervantes? To have tea with the Queen of England Elisabeth II. Well…. with us it’s possible, on line, from your classroom or your home.

From this year, and for the first time, we offer you a series of magical encounters, across time with the most loved authors and characters of literature for an Impossible Conversation ™.

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Agatha Christie

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El Cid


The class will have a special guest at school, a famous person from the literature and culture of the language studied directly connected from Paris, Madrid or London with the students. Upon his arrival, the atmosphere will instantly be created that will evoke his time and transport the students into the historical, political and sentimental context of the character himself. He will certainly be a bit wary at first but they are all great geniuses of their time and, thanks to your clarifications and your enthusiasm, he will melt and tell you about his life and works. He will drag you into his world, he will explain every detail of his battles and when he starts again, you will realize that this conversation took place entirely in a foreign language.

An unforgettable lesson whose interpretation, structured according to the criteria of improvisation and interaction with students, will follow the parameters of linguistic assimilation to support your teaching program and will leave ample space for the spontaneity of your students’ interventions, questions and their curiosities .

A truly exciting opportunity where the kids will immerse themselves in the stories of the character, observing ways and attitudes to experience firsthand what they study in books at school.

View all character passports and start preparing your students for an Impossible Conversation ™

Online meeting lasting 50 minutes with a mother tongue actor in the role of the chosen character.

– Passport of the character for preparation for the meeting.

– Valid, playful and effective interaction with the character around the historical, cultural, political and sentimental themes of his life.

Particularly suitable for Integrated Digital Education:individual link for simultaneous use from home.

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cost per student with a minimum of 20 participants.

Starting from November 2020

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