The Master™

Theatre is the truest form of dialogic communication, closest to a natural linguistic-communicative context that causes strong emotions and great involvement, leading the student to a profound development.

With our decades of experience, Materlingua has created a method, that of learning a foreign language through emotion.

The student/audience member will feel a necessary interaction and will participate in your lesson/show. Their involvement becomes the gateway to stimulate receptive abilities, forget that everything happens in another language and they will be carried by the emotion that the actor has been able to create. Therefore finding themselves completely immersed in an activity that captures all their attention and reaches your goal.

We want to share the secrets of this method with you, make you become teacher-actors, the first creators of methods to utilize the emotional intelligence of children. Your skills combined with our creativity can generate the spark for a successful path: thinking outside the box, changing perspectives and capturing the child’s attention to create an invisible link with the language itself.

The Master Class, for now reserved for teachers of French, Spanish and English, will be organised after school. Conveniently, through the connection of your computer, phone or tablet, you can participate in the streaming training with Frédéric Lachkar (French) or Emilio Morales (Spanish) Their experience as an actor, director, screenwriter and theatre teacher will clearly illustrate  our method. You will be able to talk directly with them and understand how to make your lesson a live show!

An online course of 4.5 hours, divided into two meetings where the teachers, under the guidance of Frédéric Lachkar,  will be able to develop and deepen the themes underlying emotional teaching in French or in Italian. A support for classroom teaching and an exploration of techniques to activate a cognitive process through emotions.  The course will take place live, managed through a video sharing platform and will be highly interactive.

Coming soon


cost of training per language teacher

EN FRANÇAIS (total 4,5 hours)

IN ITALIANO(total 4,5 hours)

In December

• Participation certificate